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The Co-Creators

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Cass XuXin

Lead Teacher & Yoga Nidrā facilitator

Cass (YACEP®️, E-RYT®️ 500) blends an unquenchable curiosity with passion & compassion, putting her gifts into the service of any and everyone she encounters. Her speaking and singing voice forms the essence of her yoga practice. 
Cass dedicates her teaching to the creation of an intimate haven, where physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual health are well balanced for all.

Monica Marini

Founder & Lead Teacher

Inquisitive, restless, permanently seeking. Monica is a passionate, engaging and very experienced teacher of Yoga. Her sense of wonder, connection and integration is the foundation of her approach to the practice. This keeps her teachings personable, informative with a process oriented focus.

Chloé Johannin Frame (she/they)

Reiki Practitioner & Yoga Teacher

Chloé discovered Yoga in her late teens. Fascinated with the inner working of life and philosophy, her approach encourages people feel the subtleties of our somatic experience and reflect on our connection to the Earth and Stars.

Her business Recovering Authenticity is an extension of her and her belief that we are on a journey back to Source.


What you can expect from this space

Identity Evolution

We support a vision that empowers each one of us to become
autonomous and self-reliant thinkers operating within the matrix of collective
prosperity. We believe that long-lasting transformational changes are
only possible through co-creation and collaboration so that we can manifest
innovative narratives of global wellbeing to thrive and emerge.

Inclusive Space

Wellbeing is for every body! No matter your beliefs, background, gender, physicality, ethnicity, sexuality... This is a haven for everyone regardless of how you identify and what you associate with. 

Environmentally Friendly

The environment is our greater body, it holds us in space and sustains us. It is  part of our health and it is our duty to take care of the planet just as she takes care of us. 
We are proud to be chemical-free!

Proactive Solutions to Health

Health is not only of the physical body, we acknowledge the psychic, emotional, energetical and spiritual body.  Here, you will find proactive and autonomous solutions to health and a supportive environment to explore self reliant thinking and cognitive immunity.

Any feedback, recommendations and ideas for the evolution of this space is welcomed and embraced.

Shakti Den

166D Cromwell Road, Whitstable CT5 1NA

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