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Spring Musing

Surrender and cultivate the trust to step into the unknown.

Not sure about you, but a couple of weeks ago I felt a gentle breeze whispering the arrival of Spring!

As the excitement made my cells vibrate, messages bounced around: spring into action, detoxify, declutter, get ready for the new season, plant new seeds….

With trees budding and regaining their green cloaks, daffodils, bluebells and tulips emerging from their winter cocoons, the inviting colours that dot the horizon make for a glamorous entrance of the season of Spring.

What was buried deep in the soil is now surfacing and heading upwards.

The Sun currently in the constellation of Aries marks the beginning of the Astrological New Year with this Fire sign. As the Ram charges on to initiate a new cycle and kick start new projects, surfacing energies are dynamic and penetrative.

Yet, even though we may feel the urgency of transformation, nature tells us that this seasonal ‘rebirth’ is in fact a time to slow down. Transitioning from the colder energies of winter into the warm glow of spring signals us to connect with the very source of our being and experience the liminal space, the go-in-between.

In Ayurveda, Agni is fire, the principle of transformation and Tapas is the catalyst for that transformation. Agni is our ability to process and transform: food, emotions, experiences, even our practices. Tapas is the determination to see past the obstacles that arise on the journey.

But like young seedlings absorbing the early heat through a window pane, the fire of transmutation and transformation needs tending with dedication. This is not a time to act or make decisions. Rather, we are encouraged to tune into sensations and tap into our inner awareness cultivating the spaciousness that

allows what emerges to move and flow.

We use this time to get enough rest and replenish the energy that sustains our growth. We reflect and observe and step with trust in the not-knowing. Tapas, the internal, motivating heat that sparks initiative and progression within us, will lead us to creations and manifestations in alignment with our life purpose.

This balance between presence and surrender helps us to get comfortable with the contingencies of transformation both within and without. And trust us, there is much in store as we approach eclipse season... - watch for the first one on 30th April!

Embracing these bold energies we invite you to get playful and explore with us the unpredictability of change. From the comfort of your own home join us for:

➢ Inner Power Meditation with Chloé Johannin Frame

➢ Nabhi Yoga practice (navel power centre) with Monica Marini

➢ Shamanic practice by Hazel of the Grove

➢ Yin practice with Caroline Lyons

Links to these offerings will be uploaded on our website throughout the month of April. Follow us on IG and FB for updates.

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