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Some key dates to look forward to. Spaces are limited, please book with the practitioner 

to avoid disappointment. 

Nurture and elevate your spirit by gathering with like-minded souls.

Shamanic Journey 

Led by Hazel of the Grove

1st & 3rd Saturdays of every month

A powerful inner journey led by the ancient tradition of rhythmic drumbeat to assist you with Self Healing, Personal Empowerment, Inner tuition, Spiritual Awakening and connection with Spirit Guides and the unseen realms.


Sound Bath with Gong & Himalayan Singing Bowls


Led by Naomy Raven. 

2nd Friday of every month

The BAST method of sound bath meditation is designed to help facilitate this very deep relaxed state. People usually find sound an easier way to achieve this state than by meditating.

Chandra Ceremony

Full Moon

Led by Chloé Frame.
Full Moon 2nd June 18:00-19:30

New Moon 18th June 18:00-19:30

Journey into the energy of this new lunar cycle, following the astrology of the moment to guide us into embodiment, prayer and intention setting. 

We will start our circle with some centring and self-reflection, I will then guide you through a Vinyasa style asana practice and breathwork to later drop into some mantra meditation celebrating the Moon. At the end, there will be some time to share if you feel inclined to.


My approach of relating with the Stars is both within the realm of Tropical and Vedic astrology, this practice will offer insights into both ways of interpreting the messages of the Cosmos for a multidimensional understanding that can support us on our path and throughout our daily life. 


New Moon Gong Bath

and Cacao


Led by Charlotte Donachie. 

The New Moon in Taurus is an opportunity to connect with our physical and sensual experience of life. We are likely to see a lot of Earth, body, material and financial shifts happening around this time. This Gong Bath is accompanied by the sacred and sensual medicine Cacao, to open our hearts and connect deeply through the physical layers of Self.


Led by Charlotte Donachie 

 17th June 11am -1pm

We begin with intentions and a gentle alignement meditation, which leads us into the powerful journey with Kambo. Following the medicine will be a Gong Bath to cleanse and further purify any dense energy, allowing the new higher frequencies to land and integrate.

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Hypnotic Nidrã

Led by Cass Xuxin

24th June 7- 8pm. 


Combining ancient practice Yoga Nidrã and modern science based Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, Cass delivers a Therapeutic Deep Relaxation that brings IMMEDIATE physical and emotional benefits and melts away stress, fear, pain and anxiety.


"Hypnosis is the art of presenting ideas directly to the receptive unconscious mind" - Anthony Jacquin

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