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As a young adult, I severely suffered from mental illness that made me feel disconnected & live a life on autopilot. I reconnected with myself by being with nature & through the practice of Yoga & creating awareness of what my body needs.


I am passionate about empowering others to find strength in their body, stillness in their mind & joy in their hearts so that they live their best life.

I do this by holding monthly rituals with plant medicine Cacao. Cacao is a superfood that opens up the heart chakra. Being in ceremony offers sacred time to feel into your body, get out of your mind & tune into your heart. It offers a huge opportunity for physical & emotional healing. Opening space for you to elevate your consciousness.

It is my highest intention to create balance for your mind, body & soul so that you find freedom, peace & harmony in your life.

Cacao Ceremony

Looking for a way to reconnect with your inner peace? Join Sarah in a ritual to immerse yourself in a sacred space with this plant medicine.

The space will be held for you to relish in sacred time for yourself and your soul.

Gentle plant medicine cacao is known for its physical & spiritual heart healing properties. During the ceremony, you will drink a ceremonial dose of this alchemical elixir in an intimate safe space, there will be time for you to journal, move your body in a gentle mindful way, meditate, relax & be in union with a circle of tender beings.


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The first time I was offered Cacao in a yoga studio I was too scared to drink it!

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