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Sarah King

As a young adult, I severely suffered from mental illness that made me feel disconnected & live a life on autopilot. I reconnected with myself by being with nature & through the practice of Yoga & creating awareness of what my body needs.


I am passionate about empowering others to find strength in their body, stillness in their mind & joy in their hearts so that they live their best life.

I do this by holding monthly rituals with plant medicine Cacao. Cacao is a superfood that opens up the heart chakra. Being in ceremony offers sacred time to feel into your body, get out of your mind & tune into your heart. It offers a huge opportunity for physical & emotional healing. Opening space for you to elevate your consciousness.

It is my highest intention to create balance for your mind, body & soul so that you find freedom, peace & harmony in your life.

Cacao Ceremony for Wintering
Plant Medicine to nurture your Heart & nourish your Soul.

A 90 minute ceremony for tired souls to retreat, rest & release the weariness of your heart.


If life has taken your all over the last 18 months, this winter mini retreat will offer sacred space to just be. Gentle plant medicine cacao is known for its physical & spiritual heart healing properties. During the ceremony, you will drink a ceremonial dose of this alchemical elixir in an intimate safe space, there will be time for you to journal, move your body in a gentle mindful way, meditate, relax & be in union with a circle of tender beings.


Join Cacaoista Sarah for this special occasion on the

17th of December at 7PM

Full Moon Cacao Ceremony

December 17th    7pm for 90  mins

January 16th         4pm for 90 mins

Feb 20th                4pm for 90 mins

March 20th           4pm for 90 mins

April 22nd             7pm for 90 mins


We will commence in circle, at the time of the full moon in sacred space with a Cacao Ceremony.

As a gentle plant medicine, Cacao is known for her heart opening properties, balancing the emotions and helping to release what no longer serves.

We will then move into breathwork, heart opening embodied movement & a journey into the heart chakra guided meditation 

The session may include Aromatherapy Oils which will be diffused into the air and Crystal placements around the studio to amplify the healing energies.

We will end the session with some grounding.

Benefits of a Cacao:

  • Creates feelings of bliss, euphoria & a state of feel good

  • Release emotional and energetic blocks thereby giving a clearing effect

  • Relaxes the body & releases tension

  • Opens the heart chakra to allow for healing 

  • Can bring messages & visions from the subconscious to bring forward manifestations

  • Curb cravings/addiction for sugar & caffeine, reduce pain in the body

You may find it more comfortable to lay down for the meditation

* A throw/blanket for your warmth and comfort. Get cosy!

* Your own special mug.

* A crystal if you wish to receive additional healing energies during the session

* A bottle of water to help keep yourself hydrated.