Simon Sharman

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Drawing on over 25 years of personal practice from the yogic and meditative traditions of Buddhism and hatha yoga, my deepest joy comes from the knowledge of my teachers and my experience in applying these lessons to my own practice and life.


I believe we practice yoga to understand and deepen our relationship with our body, mind and breath in each and every moment. The beauty of life and our practice is to be present for the unfolding of each moment,  in learning to let go of expectation, to let go of the past and to let go of judgement. Our yoga mat is a place to explore how our breath and movement can be tools to understand and transform ourselves.


After initially training in Tibetan Buddhism, over the last fifteen years I have been practising in the Thai Forest Tradition of insight meditation. Its simple approach in working with The Four Foundations of Mindfulness [Satipatthana sutta]  is, in my experience, ideally suited to a hatha yoga asana practice. 


I believe bringing yoga and buddhism together offers a path of rebellious change that encourages us to look beneath the conventional stories of us that have been packaged, sold and retold by our culture to discover a connection to our truest self.


My classes blend mindfulness, breathing, meditation and yoga into the mixtape (or playlist) that Shakti and Buddha would have brought to a party. It’s in the unique beats and tunes of our own breath, heart and movement that we find true freedom and connection.


It’s time to drop into the freedom of your own breath.

Pause & Reset

1st and 3rd Friday of the month


This class is a mixtape of slow flow yoga, mindful meditation and relaxation.


Built on connecting to our natural breath we will move mindfully through a slow yoga flow designed to bring us into our bodies and the present moment.   

Our lives are often lived out in the future as we scroll through a to-do-list of thoughts and tasks or in the past as we spin the same ol’ tunes of memories and deeply worn thought patterns.

Sometimes we need to learn to hit pause and reset. 

This class will show us the freedom, joy and ease that is available right here - in this moment, this breath and this yoga pose.

This class is suitable for all levels.

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