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I first found Yoga as a teenager, while seeking something to help improve my own mental wellbeing.

It didn’t take long to notice the profound affects of the practice and I soon fell in love and dreamed of sharing the practice with others.

This lead me to delve into my initial 200 hour Yoga Alliance Accredited Teacher Training. 

My teaching style is light hearted and honest.

Fully encompassing that there is something for every body and all bodies when it comes to practicing yoga.


My aim is to create a safe, self accepting space for movement and enquiry.

A space where you can explore your body, your mind and all the bits in-between. 

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Earth Flow

Tuesdays 18.30-19.30

This practice is centred around finding connection, balance, grounding and a sense of oneness in body and mind. Through a carefully curated exploration of the physical Asana (pose) you will find moments to pause, allowing you to feel deeply rooted in each phase of the practice.

Moving with intention to find fluidity between each Asana and working with the breath to create depth and space in the body. The practice will close into deeply soothing and grounding manner, finding moments of stillness for self enquiry. Leaving you feeling rooted in the here and now.


Centred with the ability to truly tune in and ground down.

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