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I’m Andy Wood, and I created The Shamans Art 20 years ago. After following a destructive road for most of my early years, I never imagined that pursuing the shamanic path would enable me to bring so much change into my relationships with the Inner and Outer worlds.  I never set out to become a shamanic practitioner, but, in looking back over my life, and from my earliest childhood, I have come to realise that I was always seeking a window on the world that would help me understand the truths of things that were not being spoken of by my teachers in the classrooms of my youth. I regarded schooling as a prison, not an opportunity. In my frustration, I rebelled against everything and found myself drifting through my late teens and early twenties. It could all have gone horribly wrong had I not met a Mexican Dreamer in 2001 and found Shamanism.

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