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Nurture and elevate your spirit by gathering with like-minded souls.

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2nd + 16th
led by Cass XuXin

Cass delivers a Therapeutic Deep Relaxation, brings the IMMEDIATE physical and emotional benefits, melts away stress, fear, pain and anxiety.

Shamanic Journey 

2nd + 16th
led by Hazel of the Grove

A powerful inner journey led by the ancient tradition of rhythmic drumbeat to assist you with Self Healing, Personal Empowerment, Inner tuition, Spiritual Awakening and connection with Spirit Guides and the unseen realms.

Winter Workshop

led by Lucy Clarke

More info to come.

Kambo and Gong Ceremony

led by Charlotte Donachie

A beautiful ceremony of sound and medicine to physically and energetically detox and purify.

Winter Reiki + Rest Journey

led by Chloe Johannin Frame

Set your intentions for Winter as we welcome the darkness and retreat within. A sharing circle and journey to embrace the darker days.

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