Weekly Timetable

In line with our ethos, all classes are booked independently with the guide, teacher or therapist of your choosing. 

We are here to harbour a safe space and bring people together while also encouraging individual autonomy. 

Here, you will find our weekly timetable and the links to book classes with the teachers below. 



Most of our teachers offer one to ones,
if you are interested please contact them!



To nurture a sense of community and navigate this world with a deeper spiritual understanding.


Lunar Art: Meditation, Manifestation
and New Moon Workshop

New Moon workshop created by Eirinn Hayhow and Chloé Johannin Frame.

Manifest your dreams using the art of collage and the knowledge of astrology.


.:. The next Lunar Art Workshop will be in December .:. 

Moon Collage.jpeg

Mindscape: A Transformational Journey

With Cass and Pauline 
A Half-Day Retreat in the heart of Whitstable, this is an open invitation:
• To be seen, heard & cherished as exactly who you are
• To turn off the delusional “mind radio”
• To tune in to your inner barometer
• To start living your life unlimited

Learn more here

Gong Baths

A space to drop the mind away and let yourself feel the life vibrating within every cell of your body. Gong Baths offer a deep meditative state whether that is relaxed or hyper aware, the vibrations of this powerful instrument will activate in you dormant energies.

Led by Naomy - Friday 8th October

Gong bath.jpeg

Dharma Lounge

This gathering will plunge you into the rich wisdom of Yogic Living. We will explore themes like the Self, the Yamas and Niyamas, Karma Yoga... We will also use some Sacred and more modern texts to work with and see how we integrate their knowledge into our mundane lives.


Keep an eye out on our Instagram and weekly timetable. 

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