Weekly Timetable

In line with our ethos, all classes are booked independently with the guide, teacher or therapist of your choosing. 

We are here to harbour a safe space and bring people together while also encouraging individual autonomy. 

Here, you will find our weekly timetable and the links to book classes with the teachers below. 


To nurture a sense of community and navigate this world with a deeper spiritual understanding.



Lunar Art 

Meditation, Manifestation and New Moon Workshop hosted by Eirinn Hayhow and Chloé Johannin Frame.

​Manifest your dreams using the art of collage and the knowledge of astrology.


Sound Bath

Led by Naomy Raven. 

The BAST method of sound bath meditation is designed to help facilitate this very deep relaxed state. People usually find sound an easier way to achieve this state than by meditating.

cacao ceremony.jpeg

Cacao Ceremony

Celebrate the Full Moon with Sarah King.

As a gentle plant medicine, Cacao is known for her heart opening properties, balancing the emotions and helping to release what no longer serves.

Shamanic Journey

Led by Hazel of the Grove. 

A powerful inner journey led by the ancient tradition of rhythmic drumbeat to assist you with Self Healing, Personal Empowerment, Inner tuition, Spiritual Awakening and connection with Spirit Guides and the unseen realms.