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Charlotte Donachie

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Who am I?

Lots of things. Woman. Writer. Jester. Shamanic thing. Alchemista. Explorer. Multi-dimensional being. 


My pet hate is distorted Hierarchy. Can't bear it. Makes me gnaw my knuckles and, I think we can admit, there's a lot of it around at the moment. 

My true love is Sovereignty. The awakening of the Essential Self, which removes the myth of victimhood/powerlessness and propels us towards the landscape of a Brave New World. A world in which we dream ourselves into reality by the use of our own power and guidance. 

​As we awaken to a higher expression of Humanity we are leaving behind the outdated notion of 'healing' and recognising instead that we are influenced by each others vibration (for better or for worse). That is why I will never claim to 'do' anything to you. I don't, won't and can't. What I can do is meet you in the space you've chosen and guide the purification process accordingly. 

By connecting to my core essence, I help you to do the same. Whichever modality we choose, whether it be Shamanism, Sound or Astrology, the process helps you to find resonance with your Essential Self, raising your frequency and connecting you more deeply to your body's natural intelligence. Have a look at my page and feel what you are drawn to. Let your heart choose, rather than your mind. It may be something unexpected, it may be nothing at all. The most important thing is that you decide from the place of your own integrity. 

Thank you for visiting.

Much love,


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