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Caroline has been a Holistic Therapist and Yoga /Pilates teacher for over 25 years, with a passion for working with beginners and those with varying support needs.


Her initial practise was that of Ashtanga, and she went on to  train in Iyengar style, but in more recent years has learnt the value of a softer practice and this has led her to continue her trainings into the world of Yin Yoga.

Yin Yoga

Sundays  6-7PM

Many forms of Yoga today work in a very dynamic way focusing on our muscles and strength, Yin however takes you deep inside your body working the Yin tissues such as ligaments, joints and fascia.

Life is all about balance and a good Yoga Practice is no different, this is where Yin Yoga can really help our busy lifestyles, you will learn to go inside your body in a slower paced practice with an emphasis on stillness and holding.

The perfect practice to bring about calm and reduce our stress levels, aiding in the perfect night’s sleep.


All classes need to be pre booked and are held with limited numbers and everyone is welcome.

Caroline L. Classes
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