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Melody Old

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Hello I’m Melody, I have been empowering people of all ages to release chronic pain, habituated postures, and emotional trauma through neuromuscular re-education since 2010. I was fortunate enough to find Somatics in 2008 after I was involved in a car accident and suffered an acute whiplash injury.

After just 3 weekly sessions and committing to the daily movement explorations not only did I release the whiplash injury, but my whole body was brought back into alignment, and my nervous system felt calm for the first time having been hypervigilant since childhood. I was stunned that something so gentle & easy had created such a drastic transformation within my whole being.


I knew I had to learn this beautiful healing modality to help others. In 2009 & 2010 I joined the first ever Living Somatics Clinical Practitioners Training in the UK and continued in 2020 completing the Living Somatics Movement Teacher Training in 2022. As an educator of movement, I guide you to release unconscious contraction and holding patterns which creates space for holistic physical and emotional healing. Somatics is a non-manipulative, self-healing practise that brings us home to ourselves, enabling root cause issues to unravel as we use our own brain and consciousness to connect with our central nervous system. I look forward to supporting you through your somatic healing journey.


Much Love, Melody x

Somatics - 6 weeks course

Sundays 10.30-11.30

starting May 26th 

Melody Classes
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