Monica Marini

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"Our entire biology is shaped by the intelligence of each of our 50 trillion cells. And the single most important way to influence them is through the power of our thoughts." Bruce H. Lipton, PhD

In this series of five workshops we will take a look at how Yogic practices can support and also boost our immune system.

The first workshop will look at IMMUNITY and the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM.

Immune health is said to begin in the guts. Learn how to rejuvinate the digestive system and protect yourself from dis-ease with time-tested practices.



Group of 5 workshops starting in January 2022

Dates to come.

Cost: £35 for one or £150 for all five workshops

Asana Fundamentals

Mondays 10-11.15AM

More than the basics, in Asana Fundamentals you will discover multiple ways to access a posture. Whether you are a beginner or a more proficient practitioner, exploring Asana Fundamentals will deepen the physical and subtle experiential aspects of practice.
Working systematically through poses in ways that resonate with our own body to build stamina, health and calm.

Men Den

Mondays 7-8.15PM

A smooth evening practice in our newly created space of Shakti Den. Unfurling body awareness exploring through anatomically sound postural alignment for the male body this class will help establish a sense of expansion and inner balance. 
Suitable for both beginners and intermediate. Modifications and props for easy accessibility.

Fluid Vinyasa

Tuesdays 9.15-10.30AM

Stillness in motion, these Dynamic Explorations of Asana practice map our physical reality through breath-centred fusion of form and flow.
Sequences integrate Clear Alignment and Patterns of Movement with an underlying Reflection on Embodiment blending Flow with steady poses for a more Empowered sense of Balance and Stability.
This class is suitable for those already with some yoga experience.


Wednesdays 6-7.15PM

The time is always right to get into Yoga.  These class is for those who never tried Yoga and for those who wish to revisit the foundational principles of the practice.

Surya Practice

Fridays 7-8AM

Bring grace and strength to your day ahead with Sun Salutes and expansive and grounding movements for Internal Spaciousness.