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A place of becoming and re-connecting

Art: Goddess by Kiminjo


Weekly Classes

July timetable is now up!


July's Highlights


Shamanic Journey with Hazel

A powerful inner journey led by the ancient tradition of rhythmic drumbeat to assist you with Self Healing, Personal Empowerment, Inner tuition, Spiritual Awakening and connection with Spirit Guides and the unseen realms. 

Saturdays 10th and 24th.

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Our Den

This space has been co-created with students and practitioners in mind.

It is a haven where you can explore what health means to you on your own terms through movement, therapy sessions, art workshops, discussions and other mindful and intentional practices.

It is a Den for you to rest, replenish and explore your inner and outer being with conscious curiosity. 


For practitioners, space holders, instructors and teachers.

Hybrid Classes

Our studio is intimate and well equipped, allowing you to lead classes or workshops in real life and the virtual one. We supply a wireless microphone and a wide angle webcam for recording or zoom.


Rent the Den

Shakti Den is available to rent for classes, workshops, therapy sessions and rituals. You can also benefit from our recording equipment.


"Shakti is power, both manifest power and the power within all experiences. The root, shak, means to "be able", and the term Shakti describes divine creative power over the hypnotic beauty of appearances as well as the power to transform and destroy. It is not power over others in a hierarchical sense; it is the electric juice of life. "

- Ekabhumi Charles Ellik



What you can expect from this space

Healthy Living

Health is not only of the physical body, we acknowledge the psychic, emotional, energetical and spiritual body.  Here, you will find proactive and autonomous solutions to health and a supportive environment to explore self reliant thinking and cognitive immunity.

Environmentally Friendly

The environment is also part of our health and it is our duty to take care of the planet just as she takes care of us. 
We are proud to be chemical-free!

Inclusive Space

Wellbeing is for every body! No matter your beliefs, background, gender, physicality, ethnicity, sexuality... This is a haven for everyone regardless of how you identify and what you associate with. 

Individual Growth & Group Evolution

We encourage identity as well as group evolution. As we work within ourselves to unweave harmful behaviors and patterns of separation we in parallel help the community evolve and unite.
We are here to empower collaborative narratives of wellness that support the whole.

Any feedback, recommendations and ideas for the evolution of this space is welcomed and embraced.