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December Events


Shamanic Journey
with Hazel Grove


Cacao Ceremony 
for Wintering

with Sarah King


Shamanic Journey
with Hazel Grove


Winter Solstice: Reiki
& Yoga Nidrā
with Cass and Chloé

Join us and other
amazing local therapists for

We are getting together to celebrate well-being and hosting a collaboration between Whitstable based therapists Frances Prescott, Shakti Den and Creative Space Kent at Whitstable Umbrella Centre.

Book by yourself or with a group of friends.

Purchase a ticket for a session in the morning midday or afternoon; each one lasts for a total of approximately 90 minutes. You’ll receive an email offering a choice of bookable sessions; choose up to three twenty minute treatments & practices.

Wind Down,

Warm Up.

Get Pampered.

December 5th

Umbrella Centre



Weekly Schedule

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Yoga Asana

Using movement to attain

stillness with our regular classes or private sessions.

Community Rituals

Nurture and elevate your

spirit by gathering with like

minded souls.

One : One

Ranging from Energy Healing to Coaching, the Den is at your disposition with the practitioner of your choosing.

Get to know the spirit of Shakti Den

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"Shakti is power, both manifest power and the power within all experiences. The root, shak, means to "be able", and the term Shakti describes divine creative power over the hypnotic beauty of appearances as well as the power to transform and destroy. It is not power over others in a hierarchical sense; it is the electric juice of life. "

Ekabhumi Charles Ellik


For practitioners and teachers.

Rent the Den,

for Classes and Workshops


Our studio is intimate and well equipped, allowing you to lead classes or workshops in real life and the virtual one.

We supply a wireless microphone for recording or zoom.

The studio is also available if your client base is mainly online, take advantage of the space and the equipment by recording your classes at the Den. 

...or for One on Ones.


Looking for a neutral and cosy space to receive a client? Whether that is for a 1:1 yoga sessions or a consultation, look no further!

We purposefully keep the middle of day available to facilitate therapies and 1:1 classes. 

Prices will vary depending on the type and duration of the class.

Hire the Den

For more information regarding renting the Den for classes and workshops please download this file.