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Chloé Johannin Frame


Hi! My human body is 25 years old but I feel as if I have always been around in this Universe, growing up I wanted to know why I incarnated, what was my purpose and who I was.
I still haven't got a set in stone answer to these but I have realised that those questions are one. My purpose is channeled into who I am and who I am in every moment creates a new purpose that answers to the needs of my immediate reality. 
With the ancient system and wisdom of Yoga, I have had a peek into the eternal now and I am constantly working towards finding new ways of understanding myself and the world around me, slowly integrating the cosmic lessons into my daily life. 

Doing my best to do so with grace, playfulness, compassion and love.
I have been practicing Reiki since the beginning of 2020 and have been able to ease my mind and overall reconnect with the Sacred Flow of Universal Energy even more deeply.  

My passions range from superficial to deeply esoteric.

What makes my heart smile and soul rejoice are: 

colours, journaling, cooking and eating, growing my own food, praying, tarot, astrology, making jewellery, exchanging a smile with a stranger, nature, crystals, chanting, dancing and all things Yoga...

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Asana & Pranayama

Back in March 2023

Meditation doesn't come easily or naturally, especially in our busy lives led mostly by the head-brain. This class is designed to help you access a meditative state with more ease. The practice of the physical aspect of Yoga are the postures :: asanas :: those were created to connect to the body and maintain its health and longevity, it also is extremely helpful for the mind to dial down its focus on the experience. Marrying this with breathwork :: pranayama :: invites us as well as being connected to the external world, to bridge the gap with the inner world. When breathing consciously, this gives another anchor point into a holistic experience and therefore for the mind to take the back seat and let the body and spirit unite. 

All levels welcome. 


Reiki Healing

Available for 1:1


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What is Reiki?

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