Chloé Johannin Frame



Reiki Healing

Available for 1:1 at the Den


With Eirinn Hayhow and Chloé

During the time of the New Moon we will gather in a circle and casually talk about the cosmic energies present, first understanding them intellectually to give the mind something to play with and then exploring with a more hands-on method using collage as a manifestation tool!

The art of collage is finding newspaper, magazine or printed images to create a visual that represents in this case what you want to manifest into your life.

When signing up for the workshop, you are invited to share with us your birth information including time and place, this will help us understand what astrological house this New Moon activates for you and with that information you can create a New Moon intention that is aligned specifically with your birth chart.

Finally, to close this ceremony we will venture into a meditative state using sacred sounds and guided meditation to anchor the cosmic energies into our body.


Wednesday 8th September 


£10-£15 (pay what you can)

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Hi! My human body is 24 years old but I feel as if I have always been around in this Universe, growing up I wanted to know why I incarnated, what was my purpose and who I was.
I still haven't got a set in stone answer to these but I have realised that those questions are one. My purpose is channeled into who I am and who I am in every moment creates a new purpose that answers to the needs of my immediate reality. 
With the ancient system and wisdom of Yoga, I have had a peek into the eternal now and I am constantly working towards finding new ways of understanding myself and the world around me, slowly integrating the cosmic lessons into my daily life. 

Doing my best to do so with grace, playfulness, compassion and love.
I have been practicing Reiki since the beginning of 2020 and have been able to ease my mind and overall reconnect with the Sacred Flow of Universal Energy even more deeply.  

My passions range from superficial to deeply esoteric.

What makes my heart smile and soul rejoice are: 

colours, journaling, cooking and eating, praying, tarot, astrology, making jewelry, exchanging a smile with a stranger, nature, chanting, dancing...