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Lucy Clarke

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I discovered yoga in my early twenties, just before I developed a chronic pain condition that I’ve lived with ever since.  So, for nearly three decades, yoga, mindful breath and the deep rest afforded by these practices have provided the grounding for me to live well. I now find that I likely have ADHD and again, restful yoga is a wonderful support.  I trained to teach yoga during the pandemic and have found even greater happiness in the teaching of resourcing, restful practices. 


Befriending your body

Mondays 12.30-13.30

deliberately slow and low to the ground, these sessions will focus on developing supportive practices for joint mobilisation, mindful breathing, relaxation and nervous system health.  

£12 drop-in / £50 for all 5 weeks


Introduction to Restorative Yoga

Thursdays 17.45-18.45

ground-based, gentle yoga using lots of props to support deep rest and relaxation.

£12 drop-in / £50 for all 5 weeks.


Lucy Classes
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