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My name is Santosha. I am a Yoga Alliance certified Meditation teacher and I have a Bachelors and Masters degree in music. I have been a meditator for over 12 years after discovering Advaita Vedanta and the beautiful teachings of Sankacaraya in 2012. Having become a follower and member of the Sat Yoga Institute in 2016, I finally took my Yogic vows at the Sat Yoga Ashram in Costa Rica in March 2023.


My meditation classes provide instructions derived from the teachings of Advaita Vedanta in pursuit of the Non-dual. However, also being an initiate of the Sat Yoga wisdom school we will also explore beliefs and practices from a variety of esoteric traditions. As well as practical meditations, I also teach the foundations and philosophy behind our practice in order to give our meditation clarity and purpose. This includes Pranayama (Breath-work), guided meditations and step by step teachings as to how to perfect your practice.


I provide group classes as well as one to one sessions.


Sundays  09.00-10.30AM

Mike Santosha Classes
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