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Natalie Jones

Natalie Jones

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Jai Yen Yoga on Facebook.

Hi I’m Nathalie, founder of Jai Yen Yoga.


Having lived in Thailand for many years, I consider it my second home and, in Thai, ‘Jai Yen’ translates as 'cool heart' - a sense of calm.


I've been practising Yoga for almost 30 years. I completed my training with Yoga Reloaded in 2020, closely followed by Yin Yoga training which has been a passion of mine since I took my first class!


I like to explore themes based on anatomy, Yogic philosophy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and use inspiration from my daily life and connection with my students.


For me, Yoga provides Balance: in my thoughts, my outlook, and it heightens my awareness of all things body! It's about strength, stretch, movement and the beautiful subtle awareness of our energy and intuition with regard to our own bodies. Most importantly, Yoga invites us to pause and reset.


To be able to facilitate and explore with my students on their yoga journey is truly a privilege and why Yoga feels magical and boundless to me.

Let's find balance, 


Yin Yoga  

Fridays  10.00-11.30

My Friday Yin Yoga class offers a chance to gently stretch connective tissues through floor-based sequences and focus on stimulating and clearing energy pathways. It’s a friendly class and, with a guided relaxation to end, a lovely way to begin your weekend. If you are in search of some time to pause, breathe and down-regulate from life’s busy pace, please come and join me on the mat.


DM me to book via Jai Yen Yoga on Facebook.


£10 /class or enquire about a Term Pass.

Natalie Jones Classes
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